Episode 4 – How Your Horses’ Gut Can Effect Everything with Robo Hendrickson of FullBucket Health

Hey hey! Welcome to episode 4. This is an interview I did a while back, it was one of my first recordings. And the information is just as relevant as ever and will continue to be.  

I’m talking with Robo Hendrickson one of the partners of FullBucket Health, a supplement company that has developed veterinarian strength probiotics for horses, dogs and cats. 

I’ve know Robo for a numbest of years in the entrepreneurial and marketing circles we’re both involved in, and he introduced me to FullBucket years ago when my horse, George, was experiencing a host of digestive issues from chronic diarrhea to an impaction that we thought might end him, but fortunately didn’t. 

Since then I’ve had all of my animals on FullBucket for a number of years and in the last year I’ve actually started working with the FullBucket team.
So I am a bit biased, but I’m biased first and foremost, through my experience as a customer.  

My experience with them working on their team and seeing how they truly operate has only enforced my good opinion. I do work with them, but that’s part time and not where I receive the majority of my income and they certainly aren’t paying me for this podcast or to say these nice things. 

I’ve just seen the research, the testing, they’ve gone through to produce what I consider the best products on the market for horse, dog and cat probiotics, and the feedback and stories I’ve heard from other customers only reinforces that.  And this doesn’t even touch on their generosity within the world equine community. 

With all that in mind I’m excited to bring you this awesome interview with the awesome Robo Hendrickson… Enjoy!

FullBucket has a ton of information and education on their website. Check it out by going to their site HERE.


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